Monday, March 8, 2010

so far i have been examining a lot of my artwork in a very academic sense.  i am trying to collaborate three years of artwork into one cohesive portfolio.  for most artists this is the norm, some times artwork spanning over more than three years.  but the difficulty i face is that my work has changed dramatically, evolved, expanded, grown into what i see myself as.  it is interesting to look back and see where i have come.  the advice given to me by professors, fellow students, and so on never seem to be as harsh as my own.  i am my worst critic, a habit that i have learned to subdue in a sense, yet it creeps up at the most in-opportunistic times.  just like the current, my pottery has evolved into more complex and technically more advanced ceramics. that i am proud of, yet i think too hard about what the pot could be and i don't appreciate what the pot is as the moment.  this causes me to throw it aside and make a better one (over and over again).  this current cycle i am in has slowed down production tremendously.

i was talking with a fellow student and my photo professor that has been filled in on the lack of quantity.  he gave me some good insight, "take a step back and just make pots, don't be concerned about the quality. be concerned that with quantity, the quality will follow."  with this advice i took it to heart.  i am glad to say that no more than an hour later after this conversation i threw 10 bowls in 45 mins.  i stepped back and looked at them...

they were no worse or better than ones i would slave over for 10 min each.  to this i credit my success to john(photo prof) and to the fact that i just threw bowls as bowls.

Woah, here we go!

all right kids, ready for a grand adventure?  i am not sure if i am ready for the blogging world, but hey something to do as i stress out about finishing art projects...  hope you enjoy